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Heidi's Studio for Talent specializes in Photography, Talent Development, Image and casting.  We've been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years globally as a female owned company. Many people come to us for development in their area of the industry; models, actors, musicians, dancers, specialty talent and pageantry talent that then make it to the top of the division or field of expertise. We've placed our Talent in movies, on billboards, in magazines, in fashion and commercial print, on TV, tours and for local and global radio and TV interviews - to just name a few!  We also work with corporate individuals who want a better understanding of how to interview for a new job or for the media, give a speech or public speaking, their professional image and appearance and to better themselves overall in their corporate industry.


Our Photo Studio, HS Photography, has won many awards and have appeared in many public and private galleries across the United States.  We travel all over the nation with our one-of-a-kind in front of the camera training for Models, Actors and other Talent that want to go the extra mile in their careers in the entertainment industry. Then show them how to use that training to re-create their marketing packages and to be even that much more competitive in the industry.  We also are booked Nation Wide for weddings, corporate events, public and charity events, and other private events needing Photography, Videography, models, actors, bands, or other specialty talent.


With a division called "Direct Casting for Talent", we are able to take the talent that we have trained and get them submitted for auditions and castings so they can start working and gain a broader visibility in their field in entertainment; whether it be modeling, acting, crew or music! We help our clients because now we are a one-stop-shop to help them with all their production and distribution needs for their commercials, marketing and advertising.


With a division called "The Music Managers", we have an avenue for our Bands, Singers, Songwriters, Solo Artists, Composers and other Musicians. We have clients in many states and countries and work with Agencies locally and nationally!  We help the musicians with the business aspect of their industry starting with their public image and straight though to media, distribution and tours.  These same bands, vocal artists and musicians are used regularly as jingles, background and soundtracks for the various work our clients need for their advertising. 


In all that we do, we are here to help!  We have recently created a division called "Perfect Pageant Performance" that helps talent that are in the pageant industry make it to the top!  With ALL the talent that we have help to train, not one has gone home from their pageant without a crown.  If you are serious and ready to start making the MOST of your pageant career then do not hesitate to visit our website! 


Our Sound Studio not only works with musically inclined vocal artists, we also work with Voice Over artists.  We helps them create the perfect vocals, accents, and timing for voice over radio, television, animation and much more.  Then we help them create their EPK and teach them how to market themselves in their competitive area in the industry.

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